*Allow 7-10 days for Powder Coating time for Custom Colours  

*Narrow Chair Setup Option only Fixed Bolt Rear Wheel mount available

**Fixed Bolt and Quick Release Axle available

*Infinite Recline Back not available with 15" Seat Depth

*20" STF Requires Riser Block under Seat Pan

*Pneumatic Tire only Available on 20", 22" and 24" Rear Wheel

*Plastic Coated - Only available on 20", 22" and 24" Rear Wheel

*Only applies to Height Adjustable Knob Release Arm

*Desk Length Vinyl 10" (pair) - Not available with Flip Back Arm

**Contour Gel 17" (pair) - Only Gel Arm Pad on Flip Back Arm when Narrow Chair Width Option used

*Not available with flip back arm

*Side Trigger Handle not available with Adjustable Hinge Stroller.

*Omit Cushion - Standard Size Cushion Depth 16", 18" and 20"

*Can not use 90 Degree Swingaway with 8" Casters as Footplates will Interfere.

*One Piece Flip-up Footboard - Not available with 6" or 8" Casters when footboard is facing rear on 90 degrees Swingway

*Wheel Lock Extension required with Flip Back Arm

*Shoulder Lateral Pad(each) - Not available with Flip Back Arm