Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find a Dealers Credit Application?

Dealer Credit applications can be found in the “Support” Section of this website.

Can I order Products Online?

Yes you can, we are currently going through testing process and this feature has been disabled for our Dealers at the moment. Once our testing process is done, we will open up the option and assign username/passwords to all our dealers. This is so we can make ordering easier for you and reduce our ecological footprint; less paper used and lesser Ink wasted.

I am a client who needs a chair for myself or a friend/relative, how do I order?

You can order our Products at any of our Authorized dealers listed under the “Find A Dealer” Section of this website. Simply call them and they will assist you with finding the right chair which suits your needs.

Where can I find Litrature for the specific Product I need?

You can find Brochures, Order Forms, Owners Manuals and Parts book in the Downloads section under its respectful Product categories.