Wheel Lever

Lever switches wheelchair from Drive to Neutral or vice versa.

Flip Up Foot Board

One piece flip up footboard for easy transfers and less accidents.

Transport Tie

Optional transport tie downs.

Full Suspension Base

Full suspension base with front and rear shocks.

Accessible Battery Compartment

Battery compartment at rear flips down for battery placement. Designed for two – 12 volt 24NF gel batteries. Also holds battery charger with indicator light.

Adjustable Seatbelt

Push button adjustable seat belt.

Flip Back Armrest

Flip back arm rest for easy client transfers. Height adjustable to (3/4” increments).

Arm Rest Pouch

Arm rest pouch for storage and client convenience.

Also available in these colours!
Explorer Viking

Full suspension base with front and rear shocks Designed for two – 12 volt 24NF batteries PGDT VR2 PM90 controller with joystick and 6A charger on board Standard seating system consisting of: solid seat pan, Orion back and Prism Ideal cushion 4 pole right angle motors Seat width can increase from 16” to 20” or 20” to 24” as well as seat depth can increase from 17” to 20” without the need of changing frame members. Arm heights: 9-3/4” – 12-3/4” (adjustable) Angle adjustable back (87° to 110°) 70/80 degree pin style front riggings or one-piece footboard Fixed headrest with foam pad Composite footplates Heel loops Front and rear transit hooks (optional).