2 Points Fixed & Easy Removable Armset

2 Points fixed height armrest with gel arm pads lifts up for easy removal.

Flip Up Foot Plate

One piece flip up footplate option.

Swing Front Riggings

Front Riggings have the option of swing-out or dual swing-in / swing-out. Ideal when transporting and positioning the client. Many composite and aluminum footplate options are available.

Rear Crossbar Ability

Rear crossbar increases wheelchair stability.

Push Pull Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension built into the handle.

Adjustable Axle Plate

Adjustable axle plate to allow for many seat to floor heights and center of gravity adjustment.

Adjustable Anti-Tippers

Lock in anti tippers adjustable for height.

Quick Release Axle

Quick release axle Airless or pneumatic tires available with steel or plastic coated handrims.

Handles Trigger

Trigger handles for tilting chair.

Adjustable Angle of Stroller Bar

Hinged stroller bar angle adjustment option allows attendant to change the angle of stroller for their convenience.

Also available in these colours
Orion II 500

3°-28° degrees of tilt Standard seating system consisting of: two way contoured padded fixed headrest and aluminum seat pan. Multi adjustable axle plate, built-in adjustable stop for tilt 70° degree pin style front riggings, Aluminum or composite footplates, Quick release fixed height armrest, Removable rear wheels with stainless steel or plastic coated handrims, Adjustable rear anti tippers Heel loops.