Adjustable Caster

Adjustable caster forks stem angle that ensures the casters are always perpendicular to the floor. There are different type of caster height-to floor options available. Select the right height according to the requirements. Two important things to consider as when you choose the caster, its height and caster Angle. When a wheelchair’s front suspension is aligned, caster is adjusted to achieve the self-centering action of steering, which affects the wheelchair’s straight-line stability. Improper caster settings will cause the driver to move wheel both into and out of each turn, making it difficult to maintain a straight line.

Removable Arm

Galaxy Lite Wheelchair has removable arm for easy transfer. You can detach and attach arm easily with a simple process. Galaxy Lite Wheelchair is a flexible chair with many options available.

Pin-Release Arm

You can set the height of the arm with this feature of Galaxy Lite Wheelchair. Pin release arm allows easy height adjustment of T-arm. Galaxy Lite has some standard height options. You can set your arm, according to your body height.

Single Aluminum Cross Brace

A Cross frame is the main component of a Folding Wheelchair, onto which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright wheelchair is based on the safety wheelchair, and consists of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle. This is known as the diamond frame. Frames are required to be strong, stiff and light, which they do by combining different materials and shapes. Galaxy Lite Wheelchair uses single aluminium cross-brace for optimum rigidity and ease of folding. Another option is an Elliptical heavy-duty cross brace tubing and this creates a structurally sound frame.

Dual Swinging Front Rigging

Galaxy Lite Wheelchair uses dual swinging front riggings that can swing either in or out for removal. You can simply set the front riggings or remove the front riggings. Galaxy Lite Wheelchair provides front riggings adjustment.

Wheel lock available

Galaxy Lite Wheelchair wheel lock with handle is available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension attached to handle and it stops the Wheelchair immediately.

Standard Quick Release

Galaxy Lite is a Folding wheelchair. Every Folding wheelchair should have a feature to easily fold. Galaxy Lite Wheelchair standard quick release axle allows the rear wheels to be removed easily.

Locking Flip

Locking flip-up provides safe driving and it is the best feature of folding wheelchair. Galaxy Lite uses anti tippers with locks. It is easily detachable. Anti-tippers make sure that Galaxy Lite Wheelchair cannot go back beyond the fixed angle to protect the client from falls.

Spring Loaded Mechanism

It is a mechanism which helps user to fold the chair easily. Its constructed with a cane loaded with a spring that allows folding of wheelchair easily. Just press down the handle and it will fold the chair.

Also available in these colours.
Galaxy Lite

The Galaxy Lite wheelchair is a lightweight folding wheelchair which needs low maintenance and gives high performance. It comes with many standard features, including a specially designed side frame, an axle plate that allows the user to achieve different seat-to-floor heights. Developed for comfort and performance, the Galaxy Lite wheelchair is sure to become the model of choice.