Headrests, Backrests, Cushions, and other hot new items designed by our resident therapists and engineers.


Headrest Foam Pad

  • Contoured head support
  • Constructed of layered foam on a coated metal plate, covered with soft stretch material
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Choice of 3 sizes

Headrest Foam Pad with Lateral Support

  • Anatomically shaped for more comfort
  • Constructed of layered foam on a curved coated metal plate, covered with soft stretch material
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Choice of 3 sizes


Lap trays are the most useful accessories of any Wheelchair. Lap Trays can make your wheelchair into your personalized desk. It makes eating, drinking, reading, writing, taking medication and many other daily tasks easy.

  • Padded trays help protect arms against developing pressure ulcerations or bruises.
  • Clear polycarbonate provides the user with a clear view of their lower extremities.
  • The flip-away half tray, which lifts up and out of the way during transfers.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • A full 15″ to 32″ range.
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable

Hammock Bolster


• Prevents clients who sit on posterior pelvic sacrum from sliding down.
• Comfortable elastic band cradles the legs without pressure.
• Decreases the number of wheelchair-related falls.
• No more lifting to reposition clients preventing caregiver and PSW injuries.

Swing Out Magnetic Footrests


Follow your best practice by making sure that the footrests are on when portering residents. Injury happens when residents feet drag and get caught underneath the wheelchair, throwing residents off their wheelchair face down resulting to fracture on skull, ankle or lower leg.

Eliminate the time consumed looking for detached footrests. Designed not to restrain residents who independently foot propel wheelchairs.

MOH standards preventing residents from moving from one area to another is considered a restraint, as applying traditional footrests on these residents will prevent them from being mobile.

Prevents early deterioration by promoting independence with mobility.

Depth and Angle Adjustable Footplates


Beneficial for hemiplegic clients who still have the ability to foot propel using their good leg.

Footplates can be adjusted and set up individually.

A common occurrence in long-term care homes are residents’ feet going over the footrest causing pressure at the back of the heel and foot that drop behind the footplates due to improperly
positioned foot on footplates

Waterfall Calf Panel


• With knee flexion contracture, the calf panel (when applied too tight) tends to pull the client off his wheelchair.
• Prevents feet from falling backwards off the footplates.
• Prevents feet from falling backwards off the footplates.
• Prevents heel injury from the front caster wheels wide turning radius.
• Prevents skin tears from heel loop screws. Supports bilateral lower leg like a foot box but less expensive in cost.

Non-Slip Cushion Cover 


• Prevents sliding off from wheelchairs, which is a constant concern in LTC homes.
• Promotes independence in foot propelling wheelchair for hemiplegic clients while preventing sliding.
• Decreases the number of staff injuries caused by constantly repositioning residents who slide off from their wheelchairs.

Prism Adjustable Drop Base


The Prism Adjustable Drop Base ™ was designed to provide a stable base of support on the seat cushion and adjusts width in ½” increments, up to 2″ maximum adjustment. The Adjustable Drop Base lowers the seat cushion height for an improved fit under tables, desks, and allows for easier foot propulsion. The Drop Base is made of aluminum, and is lightweight. Its unique design allows the cushion to breathe easier, yet still provide the stability to the user.