Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids
Super Chair for Kids


Super Chair for Kids

Super Chair Kids has 3-40 degrees of tilt, a standard seating system consisting of: two way contoured padded fixed headrest, Super Chair Kids Back and Super Chair Kids Cushion. Seat width can increase from 10” to 13” or 13” to 16” as well as seat depth can increase from 11” to 14” or 13” to 16” without the need of changing frame members. Aluminum front and rear seat pan, multi adjustable axle plate, Arm heights: 8-1/2” – 12-1/2” (adjustable) Removable rear wheels with stainless steel or plastic coated handrims 70 degree swingaway upgraded front rigging Front and rear transit hooks Adjustable rear anti tippers Aluminum or composite footplates and heel loops.

Colors Option in Super Chair for Kids

 Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids Super Chair for Kids

Super Chair for Kids Vinyl Arm Pad

Vinyl Arm Pad

Super Chair for Kids has the removable Vinyl arm for easy transfer. You can detach and attach arm easily with simple process. Super Chair for Kids is a flexible chair where are lots of options available. Removable arm is also a usable feature. T-style arm with Vinyl Arm Pad can be adjusted.


Flip Up Foot Plates

You can flip up foot plates and swing away front leg rests for easy transfer.
Super Chair for Kids Flip Up Foot Plates

Super Chair for Kids Posi Locks

Posi Locks

It locks the wheelchair in tilt position.


Wheel Lock

Super Chair for Kids wheel lock with handle is available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension attached with handle and it stops the Wheelchair immediately.
Super Chair for Kids Wheel Lock

Super Chair for Kids Axle Plates

Axle Plates

Axle plates allows center of gravity adjustments. This is a standard feature of Super Chair Kids Wheelchair. Super Chair Kids Wheelchair Axle plate allows many different seat to floor heights and center of gravity adjustment.It is possible to set the wheelchair according to the requirements.


Rear Anti Tippers

Rear Anti Tippers provide protection and it is the best feature of Super Chair for Kids. Super Chair for Kids use anti tippers which can be adjusted or flipped up. It is easily detachable. Anti tipper makes sure that Super Chair for Kids cannot go back beyond the fix angle. It protects the user of the wheelchair.
Super Chair for Kids Rear Anti Tippers

Super Chair for Kids Tilt Handle

Tilt Handle

Tilt handle allow the attendant to easily tilt chair. It helps to set the wheelchair in tilt position easily.


Removable Handle

Removable Handle provide flexibility in the chair.
Super Chair for Kids Removable Handle

Technical Specifications
Model Number 104
Starting Retail Price $3,250
Frame Style Tilt-in-Space
Funding Information WMK5FM010
Wheelchair Weight 39 lbs.
Frame Material Aluminum
User Weight Capacity 150 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 40" L x 28" H x 31" W
Average Shipping Weight 60 lbs.
Frame and Feature Measurements
Seat Widths 10" to  16"
Seat Depths 11" to 16"
Overall Seat Widths Chair Width + 9"
Front Seat-to-Floor Height 17.5" to 20"
Rear Seat-to-Floor Height 16.5" to 19"
Back Height  
Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range  
Center of Gravity Adjustment  
Tilt Range 40°
Recline Range N/A
Options & Accessories  
Frame Type Standard 
Tilt Release Options Hand Release
Caster Wheels 4",5",6",7" Polyurethane

70°,80°,90° Swingaway Legrest

Elevating Legrest


Composite Flip-up

Aluminum Flip-up

Aluminum Angle adjustable

Footplate Options

Heel Loops

Padded Calf Strap

Footplate Foam Pad


Quick Release Axle

Fixed Bolt

Axle Plate Standard Adjustable
Rear Wheel Type 12",20",22",Mag Wheel
  20",22" Spoke Wheel
Rear Wheel Tire Airless
Handrims Chrome Steel
  Vinyle Coated
Backrest Type  
Back Post Options

Push Handle

Fold Down

Stroller Bar

Backrest Options  
Back Upholstery

Slip-on Padded Back

Prism Backs

Armrests T-Style Adjustable Height Pin Release
  Cantilever Arm
Arm Pads Contour Gel 17"
  Desk length Vinyl 10"
  Full length Vinyl 14"
Wheel Locks Push-to-Lock
Seating Adjustable Seat Pan
  Prism Seating
Anti-Tips Flip-up Anti Tipper
Positioning Belts Auto-Seat Positioning Straps
  Velcro Release Positioning Strap
Lap Tray Padded Lap Tray

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