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Height Adjustments
Infinite adjustment along wheelchair posts. Hardware and slotted holes in the back panel provide 3" adjustment range increments of 1", to overcome cross brace obstacle on the wheelchair posts.

Angle Adjustments
In relation to the wheelchair back support posts, the hardware accommodates up to 15 degrees anterior and up to 15 degrees  of posterior infinite angle adjustment within this range.

Wheelchair Posts Interface
Standard clamp hardware will properly fit 1" tubing diameter. For wheelchairs with 7/8" or ¾" tubing diameter, insert spacers are included in the hardware.

Space for Storage
Pocket provided on back for storage of personal items.

Width Adjustments
Hardware allows width adjustment range of ¾". For example 16" wide back would fit a wheelchair frame from 15-3/4" to 16-1/2".

Seat Depth Adjustments
Optimal seat depth of 1-1/4" behind wheelchair posts available with standard posts
Maximum seat depth is 2-1/2" behind the wheelchair posts, when anterior back angle is 15° degrees; minimum seat depth is 0" behind the wheelchair posts, when posterior angle is set to 15° degrees. For shorter seat depth than 0", a custom spacer is available to set the seat depth up to 2in front of wheelchair posts.


Product Weight: 2.5 lbs (16”W x 7”H)
User Weight: 250 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years limited on back, 90 Days on cover, and 1 Year on hardware




Cover, Foam Layers and Aluminum Hardware







Phantom back shell


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