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 Orion iii


Orion iii

The Orion III is the most innovative and affordable tilt-in-space wheelchair 
coming to the market. Developed for those individuals requiring adjustability to redistribute their body weight for optimal positioning 
purposes, the Orion III offers 3-45 degrees of tilt, optional -9,+33 degrees of infinite
recline, standard on-chair adjustable seating system, incredible range of seat-to-floor heights and creative streamlined design.

Orion iii Spacious


Larger front openings make it easy for wheelchair movement by foot.


EZ Recline

Dual cross gas cylinders to recline wheelchair with ease.
Orion iii EZ Recline

Orion iii Weight Shift

Weight Shift

Weight shift center of mass tilt trace path.


Foot Tilt

Foot Tilt release option for easy tilt by stepping.
Orion iii Foot Tilt

Orion iii Tilt


Dual Cross Gas Cylinders located underneath the chair, allows for a gentle, slow tilt for the client, lockable at infinite angles.



Rear Axle mount can be adjusted for greater stability and movement.
Orion iii Axle


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