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Orion II


Orion II

Colors Option in Orion II

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Orion II Adjustable T-Style Arm

Adjustable T-Style Arm

You can set the height of arm with this feature of Orion II Wheelchair. T-Style Arm allows easy height adjustment. Orion II has some standard height options. You can set your arm according to your body height.


Swingaway Front Riggings

Swingaway Front Riggings have the option of swing-out or dual swing-in and swing-out. Ideal when transporting and situating the client.
Orion II Swingaway Front Riggings

Orion II Elevating Legrest With Calf Pad

Elevating Legrest With Calf Pad

Elevating leg rest with calf pad, allows the client positioning options for comfort and pressure relief.


Gas Cylinder and Posi-loc

Gas cylinder and posi-loc, located underneath the chair, allows for a gentle, slow tilt for the client lockable at infinite angles.
Orion II Gas Cylinder and Posi-loc

Orion II Push Pull Wheel Lock

Push Pull Wheel Lock

Wheel lock available in both push or pull to lock options. Brake extension built into handle.


Adjustable Axle Plate

Multi adjustable axle plate allows for many seat to floor heights and center of gravity adjustment. Quick release axle for easy removal. Airless or pneumatic tires available with steel or plastic coated handrims.
Orion II Adjustable Axle Plate

Orion II Anti Tippers

Anti Tippers

In Orion II anti tippers provides safe driving. Orion II uses anti tippers with locks. It is easily detachable. Anti tipper makes sure that Orion II Wheelchair cannot go back beyond the fix angle. It protects the user of the wheelchair.


Trigger Handles

Trigger handles to tilt and/or recline.
Orion II Trigger Handles

Orion II Foot Tilt Option

Foot Tilt Option

Orion II comes with an option of Foot Tilt.


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